7 Benefits of having Mini Sewing Machine at home

7 Benefits of having Mini Sewing Machine

Want to start a sewing journey?
Confused about the sewing machine?
Or heard about a mini sewing machine but it’s really worth buying?

In this blog, we have covered all of these questions. You will get to know that the uses of a mini sewing machine, it’s benefits and why do you must have one at your home.

If you are a beginner and love to decorate your home out of fabrics, then this machine will definitely help you. Because you do not need to deal with the bulky traditional sewing machines.

With the rise of technology size of the sewing machine reduced and turned into a mini sewing machine. They are compact in size and available at a very cheap price.

We are not questioning the efficiency of traditional machines, they are best at their place. But these mini sewing machine has its own benefits.

Some of you might be thinking like these machines are just a waste of money. They are only useful for beginners. It is not like that if you know the right way you can use it effectively.

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 Benefits of having Mini Sewing Machine

1. You can save lots of money

The most important benefit of having a mini sewing machine is they are very affordable and cheap. Of course, you will not buy only because they are cheap. There are many reasons you should have one but first let’s discuss how you will save your money.

If you do not have a sewing machine and there is a small defect in your cloth obviously, you will not throw that cloth. You will definitely go to a nearby shop and get clothe stitched right? And this will not happen only once whenever you face this problem you will do the same again and again and end up spending more money.

Then why not get a one for you and sew as per your style. This small one-time investment can save your lots of money.

2. Portable and space-saving

Term ‘mini’ in the name of machine indicates that they are small in size, compact and portable. You can carry it very easily where ever you want and it can be fit at any corner of your cupboard. It saves lots of space in your house if we compare it with traditional bulky machines.

Also if you are sewing class attendees then you can easily carry your personal machine at your workplace.

3. Beginner-friendly

If you don’t know anything about sewing machines and planning to start learning, then you can pick this machine over a traditional one. Because it is more beginner-friendly. You can handle it very easily.

Some people might be thinking these machines are slow but for beginners they are perfect. They can learn effectively

4. Less energy required

It consumes less energy in both the term your physical and electrical. it does not require any paddling. So, it saves your lots of physical energy and you can concentrate on your work. Although it requires electrical energy but not consumes electricity like other heavy motor-operated machines.

Some of the machines are battery operated so you don’t need to worry when electricity is not available. It requires a very less amount of electricity for charging.

If you want to know how much electricity does sewing machine use then you can refer this article and compare them with each other.

5. Operate at a different speed

Most of the mini sewing machines are operates at two different speeds. You can easily change the speed with just one switch. You can learn at slow speed or your kids want to learn then you can teach them in this slow operated mode.

In other time you can operate at high speed mode for fast working.

6. Neat and accurate stitches

These machine give more accurate and neat stitches. You just have to adjust thread according to your requirement and just leave it on the machine. Because of the compact size, you can handle it with very comfort that increases your focus and accuracy.

7. Low maintenance cost

Sew on mini sewing machine at home

These machines are made up of minimum required parts. So maintaining the machine becomes easy. You can easily replace defected batteries or motor with the new ones they are not that much costly If we compare it with traditional bulky machines.

Also due to the less cost, you can easily replace the whole machine with a new one without any worry if there is a major problem.

Types of work can be done by using a mini sewing machine

  • Embroidery is the most popular work can be done by using this machine. If you learn how to do embroidery, then it is more than enough to start your embroidery business from home.
  • You can easily do different types of stitches like zigzag stitches, blind stitches, stretch stitches, decorative stitches, straight stitches and many more.
  • To fit the accessories like buttons, collars, hand joints in clothing this machine will help you.
  • Quilting is one more work can be done by using this machine. Quilting itself has a wide range of methods.

Uses of a Mini Sewing Machine

  • As we have mentioned earlier it will help you to sew the torn part of your clothes in an emergency. You don’t have to run at the nearby shop just use this machine at your home and save your time.
  • You can use it for making school projects for your kids. Some of the machines are very small in size they can easily sew and make stitches at any place of a piece with ease.
  • If you love to decorate your beautiful house. You can use it to make decorative curtains and other kinds of stuff that are made out of fabrics.
  • You can keep alive your hobbies of making fashionable clothes and creating decorative and useful things out of fabrics with this mini sewing machine.
  • You can use it for fancy stitches as it is small in size can stitch at any part of clothes. You can add ribbon, duplicate flowers, or any fancy things on your clothes easily.
  • If you know how to use it effectively and in a very appropriate manner, then this will not help you to just sew. You can use it for making soft toys and decorative things that could be hard to make by just using your hand. Lots of YouTube and Facebook tutorials are available on this topic.
  • With the help of this machine, you can start your small business related to sewing from home with less capital.

We have covered just a few uses of a mini sewing machine but it has lots of uses. It depends on you how you could make use of this machine effectively.

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Now, you became familiar with mini sewing machines and there uses, right? We have also covered the benefits of having this machine at your home. We are hoping that your confusion about mini sewing machines has cleared. So, just don’t waste your time in thinking and don’t waste your money by giving it for just a few stitches. Buy one for your personal as well as your family.

If you still have any doubts about the uses of this machine or related to anything about the machine feel free to ask. Cheers!