Best Sewing Machine extension table, table and base

Sewing Machine extension table

Proper dedicated surface for sewing is as important as the sewing machine itself which arises the need for a sewing machine table for sewing.

In old times sewing is done mainly while sitting on the ground for perfect accuracy but with modernization, our sewing machines also get evolved and become more portable and light-weighted which is why people started sewing even on uneven surfaces like (on their bed or sofa) which ultimately leads to unsatisfied work.

But now, when we found the problem, we also got the solution for it in the form of a dedicated table for sewing, which is truly made for sewing purposes only.

Nowadays, in the market, you can discover N number of sewing machine tables. But which one is perfectly suitable for you?

If you are one of the people who do thorough research on items before buying anything then this article is majorly made for you only.

No matter what your home/ workplace size or your budget is, you can definitely find the best suitable sewing table, extension table and base for sewing machines for you below.

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4 Best extension table for mini sewing machine

1. Sewfect Sewing Machine Extension Table

This extension table comes from a brand known as Sewfect India, which provides you best extension table automatic sewing machines from brands like Usha, singer, etc.

Sewfect sewing machine extension table is an extension table for mini sewing machines perfectly suitable for Brother FS101, FS50, DS140 Automatic Sewing Machines.

It comes up with adjustable legs by which users can adjust the height of the table according to their convenience for better comfort working position.

The main USP of the product is that it is a precision cut table with an integrated measuring scale, user can save their time by using that printed scale on the extension table as sewing requires lots of measurements.

This product from Sewfect company comes in three sizes- Regular 11.5″ x 15″, Large 15″ x 18″, X-Large 18″ x 24″

2. FSFTTRAD Portable Extension Table

FSFTTRAD sewing machine table aims to provide user some extra space and comfort by extending the working space.

After installing this extension table from FSFTTRAD, you’ll  get plenty of working space.

The USP of this product is its portable nature, user can easily fold and adjust its legs according to the convenience. For example:- In case, you are not using your table you can easily fold the legs of the table and store it anywhere and that is how you will save some space in your home.

The legs of the table are foldable which means it will not cover huge space in your storage area and can be easily unfolded for work.

In addition bottom has a slot ideal for sewing sleeves and legs.

Perfectly made to handle mini sewing machine for the home purpose only.

3. ELEPHANTBOAT Sewing Machine Table

This extension table presented you by a company known as elephantboat which  is a leading multi-national cross border e-commerce company, basically focuses on delivering premium quality products at an affordable price bracket.

This sewing machine table from elephantboat company is made up of high-quality plastic which determines its durability.

Its foldable/ collapsible legs provide extra stability to the user while working on it.

Not only this but it saves you a lot of space in your home after getting folded.

The legs of the table are so sturdy that it won’t shake a little while working on it. compatible with most of the home sewing machine models.

Color and dimension of the table:- White, 9.84×7.87×2.48inch.

4. DesignMe Height Adjustable Legs and Measuring Scale Sewing Machine Wooden Extension Table for Usha Machines

3 Best Table stands for manual/ hand sewing machine

1. Naveen S.V (Hand Held) Domestic Sewing Machine Stand And Table

This sewing machine stand and the table come from the brand Naveen.

This domestic sewing machine stand and the table are dedicatedly made for only handheld machines which are only operated manually. You can’t place an automatic machine on this table stand.

It can be used for all domestic manual sewing machines which came from brands like USHA, NAVEEN, SINGER, etc.

The stand is made up of heavy metal sheets and the top table is made up of high-quality ply which determines its durability. In addition, it comes with a belt and 4 screws to fit the table on the stand.

2. Oson S.V. Iron Handheld Sewing Machine Stand and Table

Oson S.V. iron handheld sewing machine stand and the table comes with the dimension of- Height-28 Inch, Length-26 Inch, Width-17 Inches, Brown

For better stability and performance for your domestic hand held/ manual sewing machine heavy metal sheets are being used in the making of the stand, in addition it provides you long lasting experience with your machine and you do not need to change the stand and table for years after buying it.

Also you can see in the picture that the table is made up of different high quality wooden ply which is surely a better as compared to other table from any brand.

It comes up in several stand color for better experience such as black and white.

3. Oson Overlock Hand-held Sewing Machine Stand and Table

Another masterpiece from Oson company, it’s an overlock hand-held sewing machine stand and table which is a bit different from the previous in terms of the locking mechanism of the sewing machine. So choose according to your sewing machine.

For better stability and performance for your domestic hand held/ manual sewing machine heavy metal sheets are being used in the making of the stand, in addition it provides you long lasting experience with your machine and you do not need to change the stand and table for years after buying it.

4. Guru Special Sewing Machine Stand and Table with Belt

3 Best Base for manual/ hand sewing machine

1. Singer AA Retails Base for manual Sewing Machines

As we all know singer is a well-known brand in home appliances like sewing machines and accessories, so there is no room for hesitation while buying anything from Singer, you can definitely rely on singer products.

It’s a black color base made up of good quality plastic for a manual/ hand sewing machine.

 It is majorly used to give stability to the user while working on sewing machines.

In addition it comes with a dedicated storage space to store small stuff related to sewing only (which is essential while sewing). Like needle, threads, measuring tape, etc.

2. Pargat Tailor Deluxe Sewing Machine Wooden Base

It is presented you by pargat tailor company which is in this business from a long time and also doing good in it.

Unlike other companies, pargat tailor used wood in making the sewing machine base.

There are very high possibilities that you haven’t seen the sewing machine base made up of plastic.

Because of the material used in the product it became more durable and stable at the same time. In addition, it is easy to install and use with a unique brown color base.

3. Generic Plastic Body Sewing Machine Base

 The generic sewing machine base is made up of good plastic and is majorly compatible with domestic handheld/ manual sewing machines.

In addition, it comes up with a small storage compartment to store easily displaceable small items like needles, thread, etc.

What is the difference between a mini sewing table, table stand, and base for sewing machines?

Now, after going through the above listing I am sure you get a little confused between these three products.

We will discuss how these three products are different from each other and which one is perfect for you among these three. So, let’s get started.

What is a Mini sewing table?

Mini sewing tables are mainly made for household purposes which means they easily portable and are best suitable for household works.

Keeping the middle-class family house’s size in mind, these mini sewing tables are designed to save space.

Also, many houses do not equip with tables, so users can also work while sitting on the sofa or at home with the help of this mini sewing table.

This mini sewing table is totally dedicated to automatic sewing machines, no manual/handheld machines can adjust on it only a home mini sewing machine (automatic) can get aligned on this table.

Importance of extension table in mini sewing machine

Extension table can be found very important while sewing on any mini home sewing machines as it helps in extending (as the name suggests) the working space for you and so you can move and adjust your fabric on the extended table easily.

While you working on a large bulky fabric, extension table helps in taking everything in control. Extension tables are not same for every machine but it came different for most of the mini sewing machines, so before buying extension table please check if it is compatible for your sewing machine.

In the below video you can get an idea on how you can also install your mini sewing machine (automatic) on extension table easily.

What is Table stand?

The table stand is basically for manual/handheld domestic sewing machines. You must have seen this type of iron-made table and wooden base with your nearest tailor.

As most of the tailors nowadays also use iron-made domestic table stand with wooden base and that is because of its durability and long-lastingness. Unlike mini sewing tables, these table stands are heavy and occupy more space than others. This means it is not at all portable and best used for professionals only.

The universal dimension for a table is:
Height-28 Inch, Length-26 Inch, Width-17 Inches.

How to install it.

Why you need to buy a table stand?

  1.  It gives you plenty of work space, to move hands and fabric all over the table.
  2. It gives you sturdiness/ stability for better finishing.
  3. Provides users a positive correct posture while working on sewing table.
  4. It made sewing very easy with its sewing peddles.

What is a Plastic/ wooden base for sewing machines?

It is different from both the above products. It is properly dedicated to a manual/handheld sewing machine.

The base is made up of plastic or sometimes wooden, which gets attached to the manual machine from below for better stability.

Along with stability, it comes up with a small storage area also to store small items like thread, needle which are easily displaceable items.

Please note:- Base came by default with manual/ hand held sewing machine but you can also buy it separately from amazon.

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