Step-by-Step Sewing Baby bibs at home

sewing baby bibs

How to sew a simple Baby Bandana at home. One of the most surprising things you’ll learn when you have a baby at your home. Learn to sew a baby bibs tutorial. This is so easy sewing project to make and perfect for a beginner. Baby Whether drinking from bottles, eating solids, blowing raspberries, or teething, … Read more

Sew a warm and cozy baby blanket

sewing multi color blankets

Wrap your baby in the handmade and cozy comfort baby blanket. How to sew a multi colour baby blanket at home. This is so easy to make and perfect for a beginner. ✂ Materials you need to make this simple baby girl dress: – Two different color clothes small pieces The thread and the needle … Read more

How to make a face mask

How to make a face mask

Wearing a simple cloth mask can reduce the risk of cough, flu infections or the new coronavirus. It is the best step through which you can save your and other people’s life. Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to create or sew this very simple face mask from scratch or starting at your home. How to … Read more

Ladies make sanitary pads pouch at home

sewing Sanitary Pad Bag

Cutting and sewing: Girls/Women make small sanitary pads carrying pouch case bag at home. It is great gift for teenagers who travel more or office going women. Friends you can use this as a for carrying sanitary pad during travel or outside the home. It looks a very pretty design pouch bag. Friends follow my … Read more