Best Bernette Sewing Machines in India

Best Bernette Sewing Machines in India

In this post, you will get the reviews of the best Bernette sewing machines. Before that, we would like to give you the reasons why we have select this brand and how we prepare this list, which factors considered while picking those machines.

Bernette made world class premium sewing machine. BERNINA 880 PLUS, BERNINA 770 QE PLUS, BERNINA 735 and more sewing machine.

Bernette has its own software. They have developed embroidery editing and full designing software under their own name roof. They manufacture household sewing machines as well as commercial sewing machines.

Household locker machine, long arm quilting machines, computerized and non-computerized embroidery sewing machines, multi-needle embroidery machine, etc. They have all types of sewing machines.

They also provide some premium flagship sewing machines equipped with all the modern features and fully automatic computerized models.

Bernette sewing machines come with a swiss design. And you already know the advantage of the swiss design. This will provide you a high level of accuracy and perfectness in your sewing projects.

For service Bernette, provide PAN India service to their customers. Mumbai is the head office of Bernette.

All of the machines listed are made and tested by Bernina. So don’t worry about the quality of the machines and their parts. You will get all the advanced functions that are necessary to complete any type of sewing project in every machine.

While selecting sewing machines we have studied every function, features, and review of those machines. Read all the reviews carefully and buy one for you. You can directly buy these machines from Amazon we have given the link to each machine below.

Table of content

List of Best Bernette Sewing Machines

1. Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Stitch Designs Computerised Sewing Machine

This is a computerized sewing machine with a unique design that can attract anyone. This is a premium sewing machine loaded with so many features and digital functions.

Key Features:

  • inbuilt 197 programmed stitch patterns.
  • Dual needle function.
  • LCD screen shows all the settings and selections.
  • Auto threading feature.
  • Stitch selection via button.
  • Feed dog drop facility.
  • A button for start and stop the machine without using a foot pedal.
  • For speed control, there is a speed controller.
  • 850 stitches per minute.
  • It’s weight is 6kg

To operate this machine, you can use a foot pedal but a foot pedal is not compulsory. You can use a speed control knob to adjust the speed of the motor and a button for starting on and off the machine. This machine has an automatic needle threading function that saves your time whenever you start sewing. This machine has a dual needle feature as well.

Inbuilt 197 programmed stitch patterns allow you to create anything you want on fabric. You can stitch anything and design your imagination and skill on fabric. Each pattern is assigned with a particular number for selecting any pattern you just have to enter that number and the machine automatically sets that pattern.

You can adjust the length and width of the stitches. maximum stitch length is 5mm and a 7mm width for zig-zag stitches. Feed dog drop facility allows you amazing free motion and gives nice finishing for quilting and embroidery. You will get 8 different presser feet that have different applications.

This machine is integrated with memory function this is helpful for using patterns effectively while sewing different projects. Just press the button for up and down the needle.

Pros Cons
Advanced computerized sewing machine. Some advanced features are hard to handle for any newbie.
An extra speed control option is available.  
197 inbuilt stitch patterns.  
The user interface is good.  

2. Bernette b35 – 60 Stitch Functions – 23 Stitch Designs Home Sewing Machine

The b35 is the versatile sewing machine of Bernette strong enough to work with any type of material like denim or leather. This is not a computerized machine but has many advanced features. If you are a big fan of Bernina machines but don’t have enough budget then this is the best option for you. An affordable machine with lots of features.

Key Features:

  • 23 inbuilt stitches.
  • 60 stitch functions.
  • Feed dog drop facility.
  • Auto needle threading.
  • Free arm sewing function.
  • 7 presser feet included.
  • Changing needle position facility.
  • One-step buttonhole system.
  • Cost effective sewing machine from this brand.

It has 23 stitches including 14 utility and some decorative stitches. Maximum stitch length is 4 mm and width is 5 mm you can adjust the stitches in this range using the length and width selector knob. You will get sewing space from the needle is about 17mm. 60 stitch functions available with this machine.

This is lightweight and portable you can store it at any corner of your cupboard. Feed dog drop facility and free arm sewing feature is helpful for sewing any part of cloth effectively. Finishing will be always great with these systems. Auto needle threading features will save your time.

You can adjust the thread tension, stitch patterns, needle position everything, and customize your machine with different settings to get the desired output. With this machine, you will get some standard accessories free of cost.

Pros Cons
23 stitch patterns and 60 stitch functions.The buttonhole system creates a bit larger holes.
Compact and portable Sewing machine
Auto needle threading.

3. Bernette Sew & Go 5-70 Stitch Functions – 23 Stitch Designs Home Sewing Machine

Bernette sew and go is a simple and affordable sewing machine suitable for any beginner. This machine has a very decent look and features are beginner-friendly. Needle threading, setup, speed control, and other functions are very easy and handy for anyone.

Key Features:

  • 23 inbuilt stitch patterns
  • 60 stitch functions.
  • One-step buttonhole system.
  • 5 presser feet including roll hem sole foot and all-purpose presser foot.
  • LED light source focused on the stitching area.
  • Some standard accessories with foot pedal and dust cover are included.

This is one more modern sewing machine without computer control of Bernette at a very low price. To control thread tension as per fabric material there you can use a knob available on the front side of the machine. There is one more knob to select a stitch length up to 5mm.

You will get 5 different presser foot including an all-purpose presser foot and roll hem sole foot. Every presser foot has a different ability. You can use a foot presser to control the speed of the motor. For low speed apply low pressure using your foot and for high speed apply extra pressure. All other functions to other machines in the same price range.

Pros Cons
Enough stitch functions and patterns available.There is a problem with bobbin loading. 
Extra presser feet for different applications.
Free standard accessaries and dust cover is included with the machine.


Bernette is an excellent brand of best sewing machines and their equipment for more than 100 years with outstanding company reputation. Sewing machines of this brand are always loaded with updated and advanced features. These features save your time and provide extra accuracy.

We have mentioned the three best options for you in the above list. You can pick anyone as per your need and budget.

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