My Gears

Essential Creative Craft Tools

These are some of the things we use here in videos at CCS. You do not need any of these for sewing or crafting well, you can use any alternative equipment’s also as per your requirement or budget. We share our our tools because you have so many questions about them. The ‘Buy This on Amazon’ links below lead to the Amazon. Any qualifying purchase you make through these links earns us a small commission as part of the Amazon Affiliate Programme.

Sewing Machine

Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

Naveen S.V Hand Held Sewing Machine Stand And Table

Sewing tools

Acceptive Jupiter Tailor Scissor

ZS Enterprises Diamond Scissors Tailoring Scissors with Brass Handle 10″ inches

Portable Embroidery Tailor Thread Cutter Mini Scissors

OFIXO Top Quality Durable Soft 1.50 Meter Tailor Tape

Isomars Tailoring Ruler Set

Bansuri BANSURUI Aristocratic 10PCS Tailor’s Chalk

Pearl Head Pins for Tailor

Tailoring Combo Tool, theread Cutter tracing Wheel, etc