5 Best commercial iron for professional tailors and laundry shops

Best commercial iron for tailor

Gravity feed iron is the best option for laundry and tailoring shops. If you are running laundry, then you have the iron that works comfortably throughout the day. And it must provide continuous steam for fast and perfect ironing. Normal dry or steam irons are not compatible with heavy usage at laundry or tailoring shop. … Read more

11 Best sewing machine below 10000 in India

Best sewing machine below 10000

A sewing machine is the most important part of every middle-class family for the past many decades. It has numerous benefits and advantages. In this blog post, we have created the list of best sewing machine in India for home use below 10000. While creating this list we have considered features, quality of the material … Read more

10 best manual sewing machine

Manual Sewing machine

There are so many people who want to start a sewing journey but they are not familiar with the complex features of the electrical sewing machines. This manual sewing machine is the best option for those people. The mechanism is very simple and the best part is these machines are cheaper than those electronic sewing … Read more

7 Best Mini Sewing machine under 3000

Best mini Sewing Machines

As India is a developing country it is emerging out with huge industry as well as handloom and handicraft. Now Sewing machine is an integral part of this business. A sewing machine is a common machine in every house in India. There are lots of benefits of having it in your home even if you … Read more

Best Singer Sewing Machines for home use

Best Singer Sewing Machines

I don’t think it is necessary to introduce you to this Singer brand. A quite well-known brand in the sewing industry. They have successfully maintained their reputations for the past many decades. They are manufacturing quality machines since 1851. It is not easy to maintain a brand name and reputation for a long period. Especially … Read more

Best Usha Sewing Machines for home use

Usha sewing machine

Usha is the best sewing machine brand in India. This is the oldest and well-known brand in this industry. People always prefer Usha because of the quality of their products. Usha never compromises on the quality they always provide long-lasting machines. While considering the quality factor they are always ahead in providing the modern features. … Read more