Sew multi-utility bag to store small item at home

Sew multi-utility bag

Sewing can be difficult and enjoyable at the same time. No one likes their small stuff like makeup kit, travel kit or other small items to get spread here and there as there is no dedicated space to arrange or put them. But today, we are here for your solution. You can easily sew multi-utility/ … Read more

12 Best Plastic Cross Stitch Canvas Sheet for Beautiful Craft

Cross Stitch Art Design

We can make thousands for craft from these plastic cross stitch sheet. For example doormats, tablemats, floormats, wall hangings, purse, bags, toys, any many more types of products or craft we can make at home. What is Cross-Stitch art ? Cross-stitch art is a basic style of stitching/embroidery. It also knows as count-thread embroidery where … Read more