Sew multi-utility bag to store small item at home

Sew multi-utility bag

Best way to organize your small items or makeup kit at one place or in one bag. How to make multi utility pouch from waste cloth at home. How to make beautiful storage bag from #wastefabric or cloth pieces at home with the help of @Creativecraftstudio. ✂ Materials you need to make this multi-utility storage … Read more

Cutting and sewing daily use handbag

multi-utility handbag make at home

Cutting and sewing handbag at home. Custom handbags can add to a fun personal fashion statement. But did you think this type of bag was made from waste cloth? Learn how to make a simple handbag that’s perfect for work and play in this straightforward home sewing project for everyone. CCStudioA place where you learn … Read more

How to make a handbag with zip

How to make a unique zipper handbag? CCStudioA place where you learn to make something unique craft by yourself.