5 Best Cordless Irons of 2023

Best Cordless Irons

Our good old and traditional iron has evolved over time to fall into several categories including that of the cordless iron.

This development responds to the desire and the need to find the means to improve as much as possible the characteristics of irons in order to make them more practical.

The cordless iron offers notable advantages both in terms of the freedom and autonomy it offers, as well as in terms of its power.

If you are not sure what it is, you will definitely want to know more about this type of iron after reading this article on the best cordless irons of 2021. So we’ve researched some criteria for you to consider when making your choice and reviewed some of the best cordless irons available in the market.

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What is Cordless Iron?

Iron is an integral part of every household. And with the advent of wireless models, the practicality and ease of use of the device are no longer sceptical.

One such upgrade we have seen is of Corded Irons to Cordless irons.

Cordless Irons are basically normal irons that don’t come with cords of their own. You can recharge them and use them whenever you like.

These cordless irons make everyday ironing easier, fast, and let you look your best no matter what! 

The advantages of a Cordless Iron

There are many advantages to using a cordless iron such as: 

  • Fast heating: The appliance has a relatively short heating time. It only takes a few seconds for the iron to be hot and ready to use. This is how you can quickly iron your clothes and get out in a hurry.
  • No need for a power cable: The cordless steam iron does not need to be connected to the mains to operate. Its supplied charging base allows you to charge it. On top of that, you can take it anywhere in the house. 
  • Works with any type of water: The cordless steam iron can be used with both tap water and demineralized water. 
  • Reasonable weight: The device is generally not very heavy. This is why the handling is easy, for the sake of handling. 
  • Compact: The cordless iron is compact. It is convenient for people who do not have enough space at home. 
  • Better freedom of movement: With the equipment, there is no risk of tripping over the power cable. 
  • Intuitive handling: You don’t have to be an expert to use the cordless iron. Even if you are a novice, a few minutes of reading the manual will give you a good understanding of how it works and how to use it.

List of Best Cordless Irons for tailoring or personal use.

1. Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN 

The Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN Cordless Steam Iron is convenient because it can iron anywhere in the house. We liked that the device has a thermostat. This allows you to adjust the ironing temperature according to your clothes. In addition, its recharging base is practical because it indicates light codes which allow you to determine the action to be carried out. It recharges quickly in 5 seconds, for 25 seconds of battery life. For this, it is helped by a good power of 2300 Watts. 

Its water tank has a good capacity and can hold up to 350 ml of water. This will prevent you from going back and forth to fill it and thus save time. This best Cordless Steam Iron also features a smooth ceramic sole, so you can tackle even the toughest creases. In addition to that, it also has a fairly powerful vertical steamer system to smooth clothes on a hanger. Unlike many steam irons, this one has an anti-drip system that prevents water from dripping onto your clothes while ironing. On the other hand, its autonomy is very low. 


  • Fast and efficient 
  • Anti-drip system 
  • Fast charging 
  • Good power 


  • The autonomy is low

2. FEELING MALL Fast Heating 2400W/360ml

The FEELING MALL Fast Heating Cordless Steam Iron represents the best value for money, in terms of performance and budget. Indeed, it is not very expensive and it has very good features for everyday use. Its large U-shaped ceramic sole adapts to all types of fabrics and rids clothes of the various folds that may be there. 

We liked the anti-slip handle that makes it easier to grip and use the device. On top of that, its portable size makes it a handy household appliance for travel and home use. No matter what temperature level you use, the iron has a drip-stop system that prevents water leaks from evaporating on your clothes during ironing. Its self-cleaning and anti-lime systems protect iron against mineral and calcium deposits. 

In this way, your device will be more efficient and its functioning, more optimal. This iron can also steam clothes, whether they are stored vertically or horizontally. For this, it has a good power of 2400 Watts and an excellent steam flow. On the other hand, it is not suitable for intensive use.


  • Good power 
  • Lightweight Large ceramic soleplate 
  • LED Indicator


  • Not suitable for heavy use

3. Inllex Handheld 2400W 

In addition to its attractive and modern design, the Inllex Handheld 2400W cordless iron is powerful and practical. Indeed, it has a power of 2400 Watts which not only guarantees rapid heating of the appliance but also impeccable ironing results on any type of fabric. 

We also like its ergonomic cradle and the fact that it charges quickly. If you’re in a hurry, then this is the device for you. It will allow you to iron your clothes quickly and without wrinkles. Its many features are not left out.  In addition, we appreciated its Microstream soleplate which facilitates the smooth gliding of the iron on the fabric. 

It only takes a few seconds for the device to charge and be used. In addition to that, it is not heavy and you can easily take it in your hand without feeling any discomfort or significant weight. Small problem, the autonomy is low. 


  • Auto shut-off 
  • Quick charge 
  • Lightweight 


  • Battery life is low

4. Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron PSI 11.0

Prestige is one of the most recognized and popular brands in the world. It sets itself apart for the quality of its products and the prestige Cordless Steam Iron is no exception. This advanced cordless iron gives you great freedom of movement. You can take it anywhere in the house since it works without a power cable. 

The device is equipped with an extra-large filling opening and a good capacity of the water tank. You won’t have a hard time inserting water into the device and you won’t have to refill it very often. With its 1200 Watts of power, this best cordless steam iron lets you iron quickly. These features come in handy because they smooth clothes well and remove wrinkles effectively. 

Its power also promotes rapid recharging of the device and its base lets you know when it’s time to recharge your iron or when it’s full. We also liked its non-stick and durable ceramic sole. You also get 2 years of warranty from the company. On the other hand, its autonomy is very low. 


  • Fast heat-up
  • Recharge Convenient 
  • Intelligent base


  • Its battery life is low

5. Panasonic NI-100DX 240 V

The  Panasonic NI-100DX cordless iron has a very good power of 240V. Thanks to the latter, the appliance allows you to iron your clothes quickly and efficiently.  With this power, this rendering and its triple precision tip, the device are able to remove all the creases that are found on clothes, even the most difficult. 

In addition to that, the ironing is fast, efficient, and very smooth. The Panasonic NI-100DX Panasonic NI-100DX cordless iron also features a good amount of precision. Thanks to the intelligent speed temperature control, you will be able to remove the most complex creases, no matter which direction the clothes are in (horizontal or vertical).  The iron does come with a steam feature. It allows you to save energy up to -30%. 


  • Self-cleaning 
  • High precision 
  • Energy-saving mode 


  • No Steam

Buying Guide

Any cordless iron worthy of the name meets specific criteria. While these criteria are numerous and variable, there are some which are particularly important. Let’s now examine the important criteria which you should look at before buying the best cordless irons.

The Power

Power, steam flow, and pressure are three complementary factors that ensure efficient ironing. The most powerful cordless irons can deliver up to 2400 Watts of power. They, therefore, take little time to be operational and their reloading time between two breaks is also reduced.

Functional Cordless Iron

The flow of steam and the pressure of the steam jet are essential aspects for quickly de-creasing clothes, especially when dealing with thick and hard textile fibers. For this purpose, a steam flow rate of 40 g / min and a pressure of about 3 bars are acceptable for satisfactory ironing. Ideally, the steam flow should be adjustable to meet your specific needs

The Sole

The sole should be slippery. Ceramic, Teflon, sapphire, aluminum, and steel are materials that give the sole a good glide. These materials are also strong enough to retain their non-stick property after long use. 

The quality of vapor and heat diffusion is proportional to the number of holes in the sole. More holes guarantee better diffusion of steam and heat. To keep the sole in good condition for as long as possible, however, you should consider descaling it regularly.

Comfort of Use

The convenience of use is the main advantage of cordless iron. The absence of wire makes movement much easier and increases the manoeuvrability of the device. But the weight of cordless iron is heavier than that of corded iron.

Considerable weight hinders the mobility of the iron even if it is cordless. To avoid getting tired quickly, choose machines weighing less than 2 kg. The handle of the iron, due to its ergonomic configuration, must conform to the shape of the fingers to allow a quick grip of the iron. In addition, in order not to encumber you, a compact charging cradle should be preferred. Obviously, for better comfort, a quick charge is a must.


Convenient features are essential, are for efficient ironing. Iron with the “pressing” function allows you to occasionally benefit from a very high steam output to tame certain particularly stubborn folds. On the other hand, some models of cordless irons offer a set of steam output. 

The appliance may then produce a lot of steam or not at all produce it for certain delicate items of clothing. In addition, an anti-drip system is also useful to prevent inappropriate water flow through the holes in the sole. An integrated anti-limescale system gives you the possibility to fight more easily against limescale deposits.

How to find a light and efficient iron?

We all want a lightweight, high-performance iron to do our ironing jobs hassle-free. To find such a pearl, you have to consider the weight, power, and configuration of the sole before buying it. An iron weighing more than 2 kg is tiring on the wrists and arms. 

The sole of the iron must be slippery, resistant, and have a sufficient number of holes to perfectly distribute the heat. A light and efficient iron necessarily has a lot of power, steam flow, and pressure to overcome any crease.

Final Words

Choosing the best cordless iron for yourself can look like a great big deal but after reading this article on the best cordless irons, you must have got a brief insight about the world of Cordless Irons.


Q1. Are cordless irons worth it?

Yes, they are absolutely worth it if you need them for light uses. They are also very portable and easy to use. Even a newbie can iron a cloth properly using it.

Q2. Does all Cordless Irons come with Steam?

No, not all cordless irons use steam. But, most of the best cordless irons do use steam for ironing.

Q3. What brand makes the best cordless irons?

There are many brands which are quite popular in the market. Particular brands such as Prestige and Black Decker make some of the best cordless irons.

Q4. Where can I buy a cordless iron?

In the world of the Internet where everything is available to be purchased online. You can get a hand on a cordless iron from online e-commerce websites such as Amazon.

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