7 Best Mini Sewing machine under 3000

As India is a developing country it is emerging out with huge industry as well as handloom and handicraft. Now Sewing machine is an integral part of this business.

A sewing machine is a common machine in every house in India. There are lots of benefits of having it in your home even if you are not using it regularly. Also, it is the income source of many people in India.

In this blog post, we have listed the Best Mini Sewing Machines in India. This post is mainly for those people who are on a tight budget.

After reviewing all the machines available on Amazon we select these Best sewing machines under 3000. After reading the specifications and features you will get to know why they are best among all the sewing machines available in India.

Don’t forget to check the buying guide given below the list before making any decision. This guide will help you to choose the machine according to your need and budget. Otherwise, you will lose extra money or choose the machine with features that will not use for you.

Best MIni Sewing Machines under 3000

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List of Best Sewing Machines under 3000

We tried to include all the information and specifications of each machine. If you don’t have time or don’t like to read long reviews then you can just refer the key features and pros, cons that we mentioned below for every machine. This is more than enough to compare and choose the right one.

1.HNESS Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Sewing Machine

HNESS is the best-seller brand in the category of mini sewing machines. If you want to start a sewing journey and on a tight budget, then this is the best option for you. The machine is available at a very affordable price if you compare it with other brands with the same features.

Key features

  • Compact design easy to carry anywhere.
  • An in-built lamp is available.
  • Thread cutter and cut cuff slot make your complicated tread work easier.
  • Classic straight line stitches can be done using this machine.
  • The winding pole is available for easy rewind of the bobbin.

Products included in the whole set

  • Sewing machine
  • Power adapter
  • foot pedal
  • 4 bobbin
  • needle
  • Needle threader
  • Manual

The built-in lamp will help you while sewing it provides enough source of light that you need for accurate stitches. Also, the thread cutter is available near the needle so you can cut thread easily after finishing the sewing work.

There are two types of power supply options are available. You can run it using batteries or just plug it to the nearby socket. The button is available on the machine or you can use a foot pedal to operate the machine.

It has a thread spindle and winding pole for easy rewinding of the bobbin. You just have to place the bobbin and start the machine the bobbin will automatically rewind. One thing you have to keep in mind that you can not stitch thick fabrics like denim or velvet.

Compact design and low weight about 200 grams make it easier to carry anywhere and you can adjust it anywhere like any corner of your cupboard.

lightweight and portableOnly useful for primary stitches not for heavy tasks.
Dual power optionsComes with the only straight stitch pattern. No other patterns of stitches are available.
Beginner-friendly and affordable.
LED light source at the needle

2.Vivir Advance Mini Sewing Machines

The versatile compact design makes it portable and it is perfect for doing home sewing tasks like quilting, crafting, decorating home, and many more. Due to simple operation, it is perfect for beginners who want to just start or learn sewing.

Key Features

  • Adjustable speed control.
  • Dual power options AC/DC direct supply and 4-ampere batteries are available.
  • In-built LED source.
  • Foot pedal for operating the machine.
  • Extra tools are available with the main product.
  • Compact size and portable.
  • Straight chain locking stitches can be done using this machine

Products included in the whole set

  • Sewing machine
  • 12 metal bobbin, Thread cutter, needle
  • Foot pedal, AC adapter
  • set of 10 needles, 15 press button, needle set, measuring tape, stitch removal tool

You can sew clothes at two different speeds with this machine. Equipped with an LED light source at the needle will help to use this machine very carefully. Use a thread cutter that is placed near the needle for cutting the thread.

You can operate it with a direct supply of electricity by just using the plug. Or there is one more option available 4-ampere batteries. Batteries are not included in the product. The foot pedal is available to operate the machine according to your need.

This machine has all the key features that a common mini sewing machine has. Essential tools like scissors, needle sets, measuring tape, and many more are included in the set that saves your extra money.

Dual speed operated machineCan not stitch thick fabrics
portable and compact designYou can sew only in signal stitch pattern.
includes essential tools required for sewing
Dual power option

3. Qualimate 10 Stitches 608 Multi-Functional Sewing Machine

Qualitmate has various types of sewing machines with different features. You can visit their online store available on amazon. This multi-functional sewing machine is useful for household projects. And it has some extra features like different stitches patterns that other brands with the same budget does not provide.

Key Features

  • It has 10 types of stitch patterns.
  • To maintain thread tension, it has an adjustable knob.
  • An In-built LED bulb focused on the needle.
  • Have the function of both forward and reverse sewing.
  • double-needle sewing function.
  • You can make a zipper and straight stitches, buttonholes, and attached buttons.

Products included in the whole set

  • Sewing machine
  • power adapter
  • 2 single needle and 1 double needle
  • foot pedal
  • threader, spool pin
  • 4 bobbins, 2 bobbins in the machine, and user manual

The main attractive feature of this machine is it has 10 different stitch patterns as shown in the picture. You can use it for different purposes as per your requirements. These patterns are mostly used for decoration purposes. Sewing work done by using these pattern looks attractive on any clothes.

With the help of a double-needle, you can use two different threads for sewing the same piece of cloth. You can easily attach buttons with different sizes with the help of button foot pressure that has different stitch lengths.

It has a feature of the free arm that will help you stitch the part of the cloth that is difficult to reach like collars, cuff, pant hems, etc.

To sew different materials requires different thread tension to get accurate stitches. An adjustable knob allows you to change the tension of thread and use it effectively according to the type of material.

It has all the other features like an inbuilt LED source of light, foot pedal for operating the machine, thread cutter near the needle to cut thread whenever you want. Automatic winding of the bobbin can be done and once the bobbin is full of thread it will stop immediately.

It requires a power of 9 watts. input voltage 100/240 V AC. It gives a maximum speed of 350 spm that is amazing. Definitely this is the best machine in the best sewing machines under 3000 category.

Different inbuilt stitch patterns.only operating on the direct supply. You can’t use this machine when the power supply is not available.
free arm and double-needle feature.
Adjustable knob for maintaining the tension of the thread.
The high operating speed of the motor helps to work faster.

4. HNESS Electric Sewing Machine 7 stitched patterns

This is one more quality sewing machine by the HNESS brand. It has more advanced features than the previous one. This is a portable multipurpose household machine available with different 7 stitch patterns.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Different 7 types of stitch patterns.
  • The width of the threads can be adjustable.
  • Both forward and reverse sewing can be done.
  • Double speed
  • Dual power adapter
  • Automatic thread winding for bobbin

Products included in the whole set

A sewing machine with a power adapter is included in the set.

This mini electric sewing machine also has a free arm design that is very helpful to sew every part of clothes easily. It has a transparent plate at front of the needle so you can see the operation and also it protects your fingers from running the needle.

You can sew in 7 different patterns according to your purpose. Inbuilt LED light gives light to the working area so you can work even if dimmed or no light. You can adjust the width of threads easily according to your need. Also, it has double speed.

This machine can be operated by two different way of supply. One direct power supply by using a power adapter. And another one is by using a 4A battery. The battery is not included in the box. When there is a power cut still you can use this machine with the help of batteries.

7 different stitch patterns are available.There are no cons regarding the Sewing machine but essential tools are not provided in the box. This is not a major problem you can buy this from any nearby store.
Dual power supply options.
inbuilt LED light and protective transparent plate in front of the needle.
Lightweight and portable

5. HI-HOME 4 in 1 Portable Advanced Electric Mini Sewing Machine

This portable and lightweight sewing machine come with an extension table. You can sew with comfortably with taking the support of this table. This table is useful for giving support to the extra part of large fabrics that usually slips and hard to sew on the mini sewing machines.

Key features

  • Portable and lightweight
  • The option of the dual power supply is available
  • Can be sewed in a chain locking system that is durable
  • Useful for basic sewing work with an adjustable straight stitch and reverse sewing
  • inbuilt LED light
  • Can be operated by using a foot pedal.

Products included in the whole set

  • Sewing machine
  • Extension table
  • 12 metal bobbins, extra needle, set of 10 threads, and a threader
  • AC power adapter
  • scissor, stitch removal tool, 15 press buttons, needle set, and measuring tape.
  • foot pedal

This machine can be operated at two different speeds you can switch it easily according to your need. And you can operate it with the speed where you are more comfortable so you can sew with more accuracy.

Automatic bobbin rewinding has been done using winding pole and spool assist. Bobbins are easily replaceable.

Foot pedal helps you to operate the machine using your foot so you can use your both hand and sew the clothes with more accuracy.

A small dimension and compact design make it portable. It operates on a direct power supply by using a power adapter. However, you can use it with batteries also. If you carry this personal machine at sewing classes or any other outdoor places you don’t need to find the electric socket for this machine.

Operated on the dual power supply.Different patterns of stitches are not available.
Extra essential tools are included that are helpful for sewing work.Machine is not useful for thick material.
Small and compact design
An extension table is available that gives more comfort while sewing.

6. Qualimate 601 Electrical Portable Sewing Machine

This is the latest sewing machine from Qualimate. This machine deals with all types of fabric. By looking at the price of this machine it is definitely value for the money product.

Key Features

  • 5 different inbuilt stitch patterns.
  • Adjustable stitch length provides you the 3 different stitch lengths.
  • Operated in dual power supply mode.
  • Inbuilt LED lighting source,
  • Works at two different speeds slow and fast.
  • A foot pedal is available to operate the machine using the foot.
  • Double stitching with double-needle.
  • Thread tension dialer.

Products included in the whole set

  • Sewing machine
  • Foot pedal and power adapter
  • 2 bobbins, 2 bobbins in machine, needle, threader
  • double-needle, bobbin winding, and winding bar

This machine has lots of extra features. You can mend slipcovers, sew in the zipper and this is best for emergency stitching of any cloth. you can alter clothes very rapidly.

Ideal for almost all types of fabrics like think or thick. Other machines with the same price of other brands are not compatible with thick fabrics.

In this machine, you can adjust the length of stitches that increases your accuracy. Double stitches with doubt needle and double bobbin give you the extra thickness. It increases the life span of stitches.

And also it can be used for making decorative stitches. As double bobbins are available you can use two threads with different colors to make it more attractive.

You can change the pattern of stitches by just rotating the knob. The thread tension dial allows you to adjust the tension of the thread that is more important while sewing. Because to get more accurate stitches you need to have proper thread tension according to the material of the fabric.

A lightweight, convenient, and portable machine has two ways to supply. You can operate it by using a direct power supply or by using 4 amperes batteries. This is the best machine in this price range just go for it.

Different stitch patterns are available.The quality of the plastic material is not that much good.
Adjustable length of stitch and tension of the thread
A double stitch can be done in the same place using the double needle.
Operated by the dual power supply options.

7. Vivir Mini Sewing Machine

One more portable mini sewing machine for basic sewing work. This Vivir machine has similar features of other portable sewing machines that we have discussed above. If you don’t use sewing machines regularly and want only for repairing the torn clothes, then go for it.

Key Features

  • Runs on both direct electric supply or batteries.
  • Basic adjustable straight stitch with reverse sewing.
  • Foot control pedal for controlling the operation of the machine.
  • inbuilt LED light.
  • Durable chain locking stitches can be done using this machine.

Products included in the whole set

  • Sewing machine
  • 8 metal bobbins, needle, threader, thread cutter
  • set of 7 threads, mini scissor, stitch removal tool
  • A foot pedal and AC power adapter

This machine is perfect for the beginner. This is useful for doing basic sewing work like altering, quilting, crafting, making things for home decor, and many more. The small size will save lots of space in your home if you compare it with bulky machines.

You can give a straight stitch to the clothes and adjust that stitches according to your requirement. You can sew in both auto sewing mode or using foot pedal what makes you more comfortable you can choose.

If you don’t want to use the foot pedal, then simply you can use it with auto sewing mode with low or high speed. You can easily change the speed just by using the knob.

Use it by just connecting the power adapter to the electric socket. Or in the case of no supply, you can use it on batteries.

compact design and portable.Not useful for heavy tasks. only for basic sewing work.
Extra tools included with the main product.You can stitch with only one stitch pattern
Dual power supplyThe material of the body is not good enough.

Buying Guide to choose the best sewing machines under 3000

It is really difficult to choose any product when you are on a tight budget. Because you will not expect all the features if you are paying less. So, just focus on the purpose of your work while selecting the machine. You have to compromise on other features. So, read this buying guide and choose the right one according to your need only.


If you spend more you will get the extra inbuilt patterns of stitches. Check the price range and number of patterns and then select. If you just want to repair your clothes at your home and nothing else, then you can go with a single straight stitch option that’s enough for you.

With zigzag and straight stitches, you can do whatever you want by using your creative head So, these two stitches also enough. And if you want it for making decorative things then you should go with the maximum number of stitch patterns.


While making this list of best sewing machines under 3000 we neglect the term brand because we want to make it only using the features and specifications of the machines. But choosing the brand also makes it different. Well-known brands always provide values to their customers.

Type of fabric material

You have to check whether the machine is compatible with the material you want to sew or not. Some mini sewing machines are not compatible with thick fiber like denim and velvet. So, check this criterion first and then decide.

Size and weight

You have to balance these two things with your need. Big size machines create more problems while shifting them. Small and compact machines are always preferable. Portable machines are easy to carry anywhere.

Mode of power supply

Some machines only operate on direct supply and some machines operate on both direct supply or batteries. When the power supply is cut off then only battery-operated machines can be used. So, choose the machine having both options.


First, decide the purpose of buying the sewing machine. Not every machine will allow you to sew all the things you want so, check that carefully. whether you want a machine only for just stitching, embroidery, or to stitch thick fabrics decide that and choose accordingly.

Extra Features

Check the extra features of the machine and compare it with others having the same fundamental features. Extra features will always help you in your sewing work. Adjusting the tension of thread will improve the accuracy of the stitches with every material. Or check what extra safety features are provided by the company


We have provided you all the features and specifications of the machine included in our best sewing machines under 3000 list. You are free to choose according to your need and requirements. Also, by referring to the buying guide you can easily choose a machine if you want to do this for yourself.

If you still have any questions regarding anything about the sewing machine feel free to contact us we will definitely help you.

Frequently ask Question

1. Which brand is best for a mini sewing machine?

List of the best brands of Mini Sewing machines.


You will find lots of products from different categories of this brand. Mini sewing machine from this brand is ranking at #1 in the category of best sellers. This shows the quality of the brand. And The specialty of this brand is they provide products at very affordable prices.

2. Qualimate

This is another brand that provides mini sewing machines. This brand has the tag of the most gifted product. Prices of the products are suitable for any pocket.

3. Singer

The singer is most popular in the sewing machines but they also provide mini sewing machines. The prices are a little bit higher but the quality of the products is much better than any other brand.

4. Vivir

Another brand with a high-quality mini sewing machine at affordable prices. There are lots of brands in the Indian market with almost similar specifications of the product. Before buying any machine always check the warranty and the return policy.

5. Usha

This is the most trusted and quality brand. If you have a high budget, then must go with this brand. No doubt about the quality and features offered by this brand.

2. What is the best and cheapest sewing machine?

Ans: The sewing machine from the HNESS brand is the best and cheapest sewing machine. This mini sewing machine is the best for basic sewing operations.

3. What can you sew with a mini sewing machine?

Ans: Mini sewing machines have similar functions as of the normal sewing machines only the size is small. Some cheap machines are only compatible with thin material thick material like denim can not be sew using these machines. But there are some machines with higher price ranges that can sew thick material also.

4. What are the different precautions that need to be taken while operating a mini sewing machine?

Ans: Don’t start the machine without cloth it may damage the functionality of the machine. Check the material of the fabric whether it is compatible with the machine or not. Read the manual of the machine provided by the manufacturer. There are all the precautions mentioned that are need to be taken.

5. Is thread tension really matter? If yes, then how to adjust that?

Ans: Yes, thread tension has very much importance in the sewing work. If there is no proper tension on the thread, then you will see the irregularity in the loops of stitches.

To adjust the tension there is one knob present on the machine. By changing the position of the knob you can change the tension of the thread.

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