Type of Baby Bibs/Apron

Baby bibs are apparel or aprons that are worn from neck to the chest to protect from spills during a meal. Baby bibs are mostly used by infants or newborns to protect their clothes from staining.

types of bibs

We don’t know when a newborn will spills food/milk, drool or vomit. This piece of cloth will save babies’ outfits or fancy clothes.

These bibs are very easy to sew at home with a normal sewing machine. I personally sew many designer bibs at home for my newborn baby. Baby bibs/ apron are the best sewing project for beginners. 

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Types of baby bibs

Baby bib is used at meals time or teething

  1. Disposable bibs
  2. Regular bibs
  3. Silicone baby bibs
  4. Smock – Full Coverage

1. Disposable bibs

Disposable bibs

Disposable bibs are single use bibs for babies. This type of bib is used during travel. It helps a lot when we feed the child food during the journey. As it is disposable we do not need to reuse it or clean it (no need to wash and dry the bibs).

It is expensive in the long run. The materials used to make this type of bib are paper or mixture of paper and cotton.

2. Regular bibs

Regular cloth bibs

Regular bibs are cloth bibs and are mostly preferred by mothers. They come with a Velcro or tie fastening. They are very cozy and comfortable for infants. Since these are made of cloth, it is inexpensive and the bib is reused after washing.

3. Silicone baby bibs

Silicone baby bibs

Silicone baby bibs are a cup shaped at the bottom to hold the spills during a meal. These bibs are soft, flexible and waterproof. It was very easily cleaned in the dishwasher after the meal.

4. Smock – Full Coverage Bibs

Smock - Full Coverage Bibs

Smock – Full Coverage Bibs are also called long sleeved baby bibs as it covers the entire body of the baby from neck to knee. It looks like a baby wearing a long shirt. Usually made of wipe-down plastic material for waterproofing, it is best for older children who do not want to wear baby bibs. It protects children’s fancy dress.