11 Best sewing machine below 10000 in India

Best sewing machine below 10000

A sewing machine is the most important part of every middle-class family for the past many decades. It has numerous benefits and advantages. In this blog post, we have created the list of best sewing machine in India for home use below 10000.

While creating this list we have considered features, quality of the material of every part, budget, and efficiency of every sewing machine. These machines are from well-known top brands in the market like Usha, Singer, Brother, etc.

After checking all the specifications, we went through all the reviews of these machines available on different shopping sites. And these all reviews were given by current users.

After considering the response, we have made this list for you to save your time and effort.

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List of Best Sewing Machine below 10000 in India

We have listed all the best sewing machines as per the brand name. So, you can compare different sewing machines with the same brand in same place. And it will easy to compare features of different brands as well.


1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

This is the popular sewing machine of the Usha brand. Lots of features and compact size makes it perfect for home use.

Key features

  • 4 step buttonhole function.
  • Free arm for circular stitching.
  • Inbuilt LED lamp.
  • Inbuilt seven stitch patterns.
  • It has 7 different applications of sewing.
  • Single touch reverse stitch button.
  • Thread tension control dial.

This machine has many applications of sewing including smocking, quilting, hamming, and quilting. You can stitch buttons easily on shirt, dress, and coat with the help of a four-step button holing function. The dial is available to switch the stitch pattern in different modes.

It gives 550 stitches per minute at the top speed. You can control the length and tension of the thread according to material and your requirement.

An extra accessories storage compartment is available in the machine.

It is compact and lightweight, best machine for beginners and for home use.

It comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty. And while making purchases don’t forget to add a free sewing kit that included all the essential tools.

Lightweight and portableSometimes it produces annoying noise
Different stitch patterns are availableWe have seen some issues in the reviews of buyers about customer care service.
Free sewing kit included
Easily control thread tension and length
Extra features and applications are provided as seen in the key features

2. Usha New marvela Pink Electric Sewing Machine

This is the latest Usha sewing machine with extra features. It is also lightweight and portable with a handle. So, you can carry it anywhere and place it at any corner of your home. 

You will definitely fall in love with the attractive look of this machine. It is beginner-friendly because of simple operations and tutorials provided by Usha. Understanding the whole setup and functions is easy.

Key features

  • 14 stitch functions with different stitch patterns.
  • Lightweight about 7 Kg.
  • It consumes low power. The power rating is about 70 watts.
  • Free arm function.
  • Thread tension controller dial.

This machine can sew in 7 different patterns plus it has extra stitch functions. That will help you to give attractive stitches on decorative fabrics. Also, you can redesign your dress with beautiful and attractive stitches.

Normally, the electric sewing machine consumes lots of electricity. But this machine operates at very little power. The power rating is about 70 watts. However, it does not affect the functions of the machine. You can operate it using a foot pedal with a speed controller.

It has all the other functions that we have already seen in the previous machine. Thread tension dialer, thread cutter, light source, auto bobbin refiller, etc. It comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty. It offers the top speed of 550 stitches per minute.

Consumes low electric power.No free kit included.
14 different stitch applications.
Single-button for reverse and forward switching of stitches.
Buttonhole stitching.


3. Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine

Very lightweight if we compare it with the same category machines. Portable and easy to handle. The weight of the machine is only 4.5 kg. It is an easy, simple, and have easy to use mechanism for any beginner.

Key features

  • 6 basic inbuilt stitch patterns.
  • Four step buttonhole system.
  • Dual spool pins for double needle sewing.
  • Three presser feet included (Regular, buttonhole, and for zipping, piping, cording, etc.)
  • Preset length and width of the stitches.

You can check the huge numbers of ratings with almost 5 stars on Amazon. This indicates the popularity and quality of this machine. The outer body is plastic but the inner mechanism is made up of heavy metal. This ensures the quality of the machine.

The length and width of the stitches are already preset you don’t have to adjust it. Just turn the dial and select the length and width. On the same dial, there are 6 different patterns of stitches available. 

You will get 3 different presser feet with the machine. The first one is a regular all-purpose foot that is for your regular sewing work. The second one is Buttonhole foot you can stitch buttons easily on clothes with just 4 simple steps. And the third one is zipper foot this is for adding zipper on clothes or handbags, for piping, cording, etc.

Other features are a light source, an Automatic bobbin winding system, both forward and reverse stitching can be done by just pressing a single button. The speed of the machine is 750 stitches per minute. It comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

Very lightweight and portable.Limited patterns of stitches.
A powerful motor without noise gives 750 stitches per minute smoothly.Thread jamming is major issue of this machine.
Three different types of presser feet.
It handles any type of thick material.

4. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

Beginner to pro this Singer 8280 suits all types of people. Beginner-friendly mechanism with lots of features, functions, and applications makes it the best sewing machine for beginners and for pro as well.

Key features

  • Seven inbuilt stitch patterns.
  • 24 different sewing applications.
  • 4 step buttonhole system.
  • Variable needle position.
  • You can adjust the length and width of the stitches in a wide range.
  • Free arm for circular stitching.

It has seven built-in stitches. 6 regular stitches and one decorative stitch. You can adjust the length and width of the stitches with the help of a knob. The maximum length of stitches is 5mm which is good enough. One small storage container is available for keeping the small essential tools.

It has four different foot presser. All-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and button sewing foot. Thread tension can be adjusted by using a simple dial. A small thread cutter is provided to cut the thread. 

This machine has 24 different sewing applications which are more than sufficient for any beginner. Power full motor of 85 watts gives the speed of 800 stitches per minute. It has an oscillating shuttle mechanism. All the essentials tools and accessories are included in the product. It has 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

The machine has 24 sewing applications.The reverse stitching switch is not good enough made up of low quality. Users are complaining about it.
Free arm for stitching any part of clothes.
Wide range of length and width adjustment of stitches.
Powerful motor.

5. Singer SDL121512187 Multi-Stich Sewing Machine

This is the old model of singer but still good enough for beginners and for home use. Dimensions of the machine are small and weight is about 6.5 kg. So, you can carry it along with you for sewing classes.

Key features

  • 13 patterns of stitches.
  • Lightweight and portable with a handle for carrying.
  • Thread tension dialer
  • Two different foot presser
  • Extra compartment for small tools.

This is a general-purpose sewing machine for home use. Very easy to operate for beginners. No complicated mechanisms or functions are included. You can control the machine by foot pedal and speed controller.

It has 13 stitch patterns that included regular and decorative patterns with different lengths. Set as per your requirements by just adjusting the dialer. Also, you can adjust the tension of the thread as per the material.

An extra foot presser is included for the buttonhole and zipper. These machines also have heavy metal mechanism inside the plastic body. LED source of light, extra accessories and tools, and a small container included. It has 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

13 stitch patterns.Limited applications.
Extra presser foot.
Adjustable thread tension dialer.

6. Singer Start Sewing Machine

This is one more sewing machine from the start series of the singer. It always gives stable straight stitches no matter which type of material you are using. The threading setup diagram is printed on the respective part. You can easily thread just by referring to those diagrams.

Key features

  • It has six built-in stitch patterns including zig-zag, satin, blind hem, scallop, etc.
  • Two spool pins for double threading.
  • Convertible free arm system.
  • LED light source.
  • Automatic bobbin filling with auto stop.

Singer brand has lots of sewing machines in the start series. We recommend this because of the simple operations and handling. Just by following the manual, you can easily start your project. Installations are very easy for any part.

All other specifications are the same. 6 inbuilt patterns, free arm for stitching cuff, collars. Two spool pins for double threading. Double-needle gives perfect parallel stitches that are useful for hemming or adding decorative stitches.

It has an automatic bobbin winding system. The needle bar automatically detached from the system when the winding of the bobbin started. After full of thread, it stops immediately. It has a warranty period of 2 years.

Double threading system.limited functions.
Automatic bobbin winding with auto stop after full of thread.only useful for basic operations.
Convertible free arm system.


7. Brother JA 1400 Electric Sewing Machine

Brother JA 1400 is compact machine and perfect for home use and beginners. You will get DVD with the product that included installation process and tutorials.

Key Features

  • 14 inbuilt stitch patterns.
  • Top load bobbin
  • 4 step buttonhole
  • LED light source
  • Automatic setting of length and width of stitches.
  • Free arm for stitching any part of clothes.
  • The top speed is 750 stitches per minute.

The unique feature of this machine is the machine auto set the length and width of stitches according to the material of the fabrics. Thread tension, length, and width of the stitches varies for different material. It is very important to use it accordingly. And this machine allows you to change these settings just by using a dialer.

It has 750 stitches per minute speed that is amazing. If you have good control over your hand, then you can do your work within a short period of the span. 4 step buttonhole system is useful to stitch buttons quickly.

You can easily convert tradition flatbed into a hanging arm sewing surface for sewing cuff and sewing. It is compatible with almost all the type of material. You can perform all the sewing activities like quilting, embroidery, etc. It comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

High speed of operation about 750 stitches per minute.Heat up after heavy usage.
14 different stitch patterns.
Lightweight about 6 kg.
Easily convertible into a free arm sewing surface.

8. Brother JA20 Electric Sewing Machine

This is the next machine of the JA series offer by Brother. Most of the users said that anyone can get used to it within 2-3 days. It is useful for simple and zigzag stitches which are enough for home use.

Key features

  • Top Load bobbin system.
  • LED light source
  • simple and zig-zag stitches
  • Picot’s foot is included with a regular foot.
  • Adjustable length and width of the stitches.
  • Free arm sewing system.

Most of the machines of Brothers have a top load bobbin system. The advantage of this system is you don’t need a separate case for the bobbin. You can adjust the thread at three different positions left, right, and middle. LED light source of light is provided at the needle.

It has two different feet regular one is for zig-zag and simple stitches. And another is for a picot. You can eject the foot by just one click of the button available at the backside of the needle and replace it with another one. 

This machine is only useful for performing simple sewing tasks. That’s why it is the best sewing machine for beginners. All other functions are similar to the previous one. 

Top load bobbin system.The numbers of stitch patterns are less.
Extra foot for picot.Only useful for basic and zig-zag stitches. Not useful for complicated and heavy projects.
You can adjust the length and width of stitches.
Best sewing machine for beginners.


9. Bernette Sew & Go 1- 24 stitch Home Sewing Machine

This machine is the first sewing machine of the series sew & go of Bernette brand. If you are planning to buy it for home use only. Then the machine must be simple rather than complicated functions. And this is a great choice for home use.

Key features

  • In-built 10 stitch patterns and 24 stitch functions.
  • 5 different presser feet.
  • LED light 
  • 4 step buttonhole system
  • Adjustable length and width of stitches.
  • Standard accessories are included with the product.

This machine has 10 different stitch patterns for different purposes and 24 functions. You can select as per your project by just adjusting the knob. You can adjust the length and width of the stitches as well. 

It has 5 different presser feet for different purposes like adding a zipper, hamming, buttonhole, etc. The more the number of foot presser more the different operations you can perform. 4 step buttonhole system is the most convenient way to stitch buttons on the clothes.

You will get essential tools and accessories with the machine. Easy to carry anywhere. It has all other common features like LED source, free arm system, speed controller system, etc. It comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

Simple and beginner friendly handling.No auto thread system if you go with a higher version of the same series you will get this function on those machines.
Lightweight and portable
5 different presser feet.
Free arm system.
Perfect for embroidery, picot, etc.


10. Rajesh Stylish Stitcher 8575 Sewing Machine

This is a high-quality sewing machine from the Rajesh brand with lots of features. You will get lots of functions and buttons on the front side of the machine. For a beginner, it may be confusing but after reading the manual you will get used to it.

Key features

  • Compatible with any type of material. Thick or thin doesn’t matter.
  • 6 pressure knob
  • 44 stitch functions
  • Twin needle system
  • Circular free arm sewing system
  • 5 years warranty on spare parts.

This machine has 44 stitch functions. So you don’t have to upgrade your sewing machine to perform special sewing operations. All are available at a single place.

You can adjust the width of stitches between 0-4 mm and length between 0-5 mm. Adjust thread tension as per the material using tension knob. By using a pressure knob, you can stitch any thick or thin material from silk to jeans.

Other functions are twin needle system, free arm for stitching any part of the cloths, LED source, extra tools, and accessories. All the spare parts have 5 years of manufacturing warranty except the motor. The motor has only 1 year of warranty.

44 stitch functionsComplicated for beginners.
Twin needle system
5 years of warranty on spare parts.
Adjustable length and width of the stitches.

11. Rajesh Sew Craft – 23 Stitches

This is one more sewing machine with lots of extra features and functions at an affordable rate. Lightweight and portable best sewing machine for home use. You will not get machine like this from any other brand at this price range.

Key features

  • 23 types of stitches 
  • 860 stitches per minute 
  • Can sew any type of material
  • The matte finish on the outer body
  • Adjustable width and length of the stitches
  • Thread tension knob
  • Powerful motor

No doubt this machine is made for home use but it has a lot more functions that are useful for making other decorative projects. 23 types of stitches are available. You can adjust the position of the needle as well.

Matte body finish will not allow scratches on it. you can adjust the tension of the thread, length, and width of the stitches with the help of a dialer or knob. You can sew any type of material for that you just have to adjust the pressure knob. The setting for the pressure knob is given in the manual.

The motor is so powerful it gives 860 stitches per minute. All other functions are similar to the previous one. The machine comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

Powerful motor.A bit complicated for the starting period for beginners.
23 types of stitches.
Compatible with any type of material.

List of the Best Brands of sewing machines


Usha is the most famous and high-quality Indian brand. There are so many service centers of Usha in India. This is the main advantage of purchasing the Usha sewing machine. After purchasing you will get a demo from a person of Usha company at your home.


Brother is a Japanese multinational company. All the Sewing machines are made up of Japanese technology. They always provide extra features. 


This is one more multinational brand. Well-known for durable and high-quality machines. With the machines of Singer, you will get a DVD. In that Tutorial and process of installation is included in the form of video. You can check the popularity of this brand on the ecommerce site.


Rajesh is the local brand. Local brands always provide values to their customers at a low price. They provide extra features at the same price. So many sewing applications in every machine of this brand.

Types of Sewing Machines under 10000

There are mainly 6 types of sewing machines for home use below 10000rs. These machines are designed for different purposes. These all have different features and specifications.

1. Mechanical Sewing machine

These machines are not operated on electricity. They are mostly hand driven or can be operated by a foot pedal. You can give only straight stitches to the clothes with the help of these mechanical sewing machines.

2. Electronic sewing machine

These machines are operated on electric power. It has so many functions and can give all types of stitches like zigzag, straight, decorative, etc. These machines are becoming popular nowadays. Some machines have features of buttonhole pressing and stitching. 

3. Quilting Machine

This main application of this machine is quilting. It has a large space for quilting. These machines are very tough they can sew thick material with ease.

4. Mini Sewing machines

These machines are miniature version of electronic machines. They are small in size and compact you can carry them anywhere. They have many advantages and features.

5. Overlock sewing machines

The overlock sewing machine have 3-4 threads. They can oversew the edges, trim, or sew the clothes. These machines give a professional look and perfect finishing to the clothes. For sewing edges of the sports wears these machines are used.

Features to Look Before Buying a Sewing Machine

1. Stitch patterns and other applications

Before buying the sewing machine first ask yourself the purpose of the buying a machine for you. And check that features, stitch patterns and sewing applications are available in that machine or not.

Like some machines only offers straight and zigzag stitches. And suppose you need a machine for making decorative stitches then it makes no sense to buy that provide only basic stitches.

2. Thread tension controller

Thread tension is a very important thing while sewing different materials. That’s why check whether the company provides a thread tension controller or not.

3. Presser foot

Different presser feet are made for different purposes. If machine has more presser feet you can perform more sewing applications on it.

4. Speed Controller

Some machines work at two different speeds and you can operate machine using a foot pedal. You can select the speed according to your level of work.

FAQsBest Sewing Machine in India

1. Should I go for a branded machine or settle with a locally available machine?

Answer: Branded machines can be expensive than the locally available machine but the branded machines come with warranties and they are long-lasting. The locally available machines are cheaper but they don’t come with warranties and may require servicing after some time.

2. How often should I clean or service my sewing machine?

Answer: Well, it depends on how often you used regularly or sometimes. If you have a branded sewing machine, then service may not be required for them. But keep it clean and dust-free always. Regular oiling them for smooth operation.

3. How to adjust the length and width of the stitches?

Answer: There is one knob or dialer that you have to adjust to get the desire length and width of the stitches. You can follow the manual to set the dialer according to the material and types of stitches.

4. Why does a bobbin thread end up breaking fast?

Answer: Most of the time thread breaks due to the high tension on the thread adjust it properly. Another reason may be the setting of the bobbin. Incorrect adjustment of the bobbin in the bobbin case also leads to the breaking of thread.

5. Which one is better front load bobbin or top load bobbin?

Answer: This may vary from person to person. But according to our study top load bobbin is more convenient then front load. It does not require any case or compartment for the bobbin. And the complexity of the thread becomes decreases at the top load bobbin system.


Go through all the machines listed above again. And select as per your requirement and budget. You can Buy sewing machines online on the website of amazon the links are already given. Before purchasing any machine check the extra accessories available with the main product. You can buy any sewing machine from the above. All are the best sewing machine under 10000 in India.

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