5 Best commercial iron for professional tailors and laundry shops

Best commercial iron for tailor

Gravity feed iron is the best option for laundry and tailoring shops. If you are running laundry, then you have the iron that works comfortably throughout the day. And it must provide continuous steam for fast and perfect ironing.

Normal dry or steam irons are not compatible with heavy usage at laundry or tailoring shop. Gravity feed iron has extra storage of water that provides continuous water for steam. Heavyweight press the clothes and clear wrinkles very easily.

Most of the tailor choose the steam iron over dry and yes this is right steam iron has more advantages then dry iron. But still, if you want to go with dry iron then also don’t worry we have listed some best dry iron too.

But, before buying read carefully the buying guide and some facts about steam iron and dry iron that will help you to make your decision clear.

In this blog post, we have listed the best commercial and industrial steam iron that is useful for professional tailors and laundry shop. 

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Best gravity feed irons

1. Silver Star Industrial Electric Steam Iron ES-300L

The silver star is a well-known brand in the commercial iron industry. The quality of the products is always good. This gravity feed iron comes with a complete set of the water storage container, silicon Iron rest, water demineralizer, hose, and a Teflon shoe.

The water container has a capacity of 4L. It will help you to get continuous water for providing continuous steam for long period. Water demineralizer removes the impurities from water and the system. Due to which a spot will not be left on the clothes.

Iron rest that is made with insulating material will help you to rest your iron when it is not required. So, you don’t have to worry about choosing the material of your table it will not burn.

Soleplate is made up of non-stick Teflon that will help you to iron smoothly on the clothes. This 1300 watt iron you need a 120V/220V supply to operate it. And, the warranty of this iron is 1 year.

You will get many suppliers on Amazon who sold this gravity feed iron of silver star brand. You can also check the tailor iron price on the e-commerce platform.

Products included in the whole set:

  • Iron box
  • Water container, hose
  • Bottom base 
  • Teflon shoes

Iron provides steam continuously and equally throughout the surface area.Soleplate is made up of Teflon however it is ok but it will be better if it is made with stainless steel.
The water container is large enough that you don’t have to fill it again and again.The water container must be placed at a higher level to work properly.
The non-stick soleplate has many advantages it will not leave shiny spots on the clothes.

2. SHILTER INDUSTRIAL 1200 W Gravity Feed Steam Iron

This gravity feed steam iron weighted approximately 3 and a half kg. The whole set contains a water container and their accessories, base plate, and steam press.

The size of the water tank is 4 liter and yes you need to put it to enough height. The steam flow starts immediately as you press the steam button. And it flows continuously 4-liter water in enough for the whole day. You can access the flow of steam with just one button.

The base is durable because of the material used in it. It made up of stainless steel and over there coating of anodized aluminium is applied. It makes it hard for smooth pressing and durable.

The handle is big enough and it has a rubber coating that provides a slip-proof grip. This iron is best for heavy usages and works with ease the swhole day.

Products included in the whole set

  • Steam Iron
  • Water container and their accessories like hose, demineraliser.
  • Base plate
  • Steam press
Steam can be operated by using a single button.A separate stand is not provided with a set for iron rest. But the base plate is available with iron.
The water tank is large enough to provide steam throughout the day.
The base is made up of stainless steel.

3. Deson Brass Base Industrial Automatic Laundry Electric Dry Iron Press

This heavily weighted iron weighs approximately 3 kg that helps to press cloths very easily and gives professional results. It removes hard creases easily. This is dry iron so don’t have to manage big water containers.

The thick base is made up of high-quality brass that ensures the uniform distribution of heat thought out the surface. And high-quality brass retains heat for a longer period this is best for smooth pressing. High durable and it will not get damaged easily.

The heating element like mica is of very high quality that saves power and consumes very less electricity. The porcelain rotor is used to control the knob and it is connected with a calibrated thermostat with silver contact. It gives accurate results and safe operation of temperature changing of the iron.

You can adjust the temperature of the iron using a knob according to the type of material. Material type is already mentioned on the knob just adjust it as per your requirements.

And the iron is automatically switched off if the temperature exceeds beyond the limit and after some time it will start all the process of switching is indicated by the small lamp. Iron comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty. We highly recommend that before purchasing read the warranty notice given by the company.

Products included in the whole set:

  • Only a dry iron with an instruction manual.
This iron is compatible with almost all types of fabric material.There is no safety component provided with the iron.
Don’t have to manage a big water container.
Heavyweight gives fast and perfect pressing.
High-quality brass is used at the base.


This is one more steam iron from the Silver Star. The rating of the machine is 1000 watt and most of the features are similar to that of the previous one.

This iron is ideal for heavy usage. It has a heat shield that gives extra protection for long period use. When you use any machine continuously for a longer time it will start heating at that time this heat shield will protect you.

The water tank, iron rest pad, and Teflon shoe have a similar function that we have seen in previous iron of silver star. Additionally, it has a built-in sheath wire heater. That increases the heating efficiency of the iron and it will heat at a very short duration of time.

It has a water bottle of new style in-line demineralized that purifies water before turn it into steam. The non-stick laminated iron shoe gives you a smooth experience and prevents scratching.

And high-temperature iron rest helps you to rest iron while it is not used without affecting the material of the tabletop. And finally, it comes with the 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Products included in the whole set:

  • Steam Iron
  • Water tank, pipe, and hanger
  • Silicon pad
  • Steam press
A large movable water tank provides water for continuous steam.Managing water containers is difficult you have to be careful leakage can be happened if you did not handle it properly.
The heating shield provides extra protection.
A built-in sheath wire heater increases heating efficiency.

5. Monex Laundry 750w Dry Iron

This is the best budget Iron ideal for laundry mates, tailor shops, cloths factories, hostels. In short, it is ideal for heavy usage. You can use it throughout the day with ease. And it is much cheaper than other irons in this category.

It is a heavy weighted machine approx. 3.6 to 5.6 kg available in three different sizes. Heavy iron is useful to press clothes and clear all the wrinkles easily. This is the dry iron so no steam and water storage system. It will not leave any type of spot on clothes. It is compatible with almost all the type of materials. 

There is no temperature control system however it is safe for high temperatures. No warranty details available on the online store so first read all the terms and conditions then make the decision. The overall product is good in this price range.

Products include in the whole set:

  • Only a dry iron with instruction manual and long connection wire.
The price is cheaper than the other brands.No temperature control system.
Available in three different weight choose as per your requirement.No warranty details are available.
Ideal for heavy usage.

Best Gravity feed irons brands in India

1. Silver Star

The silver star is the most popular brand. They provide the best gravity feed irons all over the world. In India, most of the shop owners that uses gravity feed irons prefer the Silver star brand.

2. Shilter

Shilter brand is popular for its quality. You can check the high star ratings and reviews of the shilter brand on the website of the Amazon.


OWBOSS have different gravity feed steam irons with different wattage. You can pick according to your usage and workload.

Commercial Iron buying Guide

The Whole Set up

Before buying steam iron first check the whole set and accessories and how to set them. For example, the big water tank must be placed at a higher level to get continuous water. So, check the whole set up and buy one that fits with your shop arrangement or make changes in your set up.

Steam Output

If you are planning to buy steam iron, then you have to keep in mind that steam is the most important thing that is helping to de-wrinkle your clothes. Always pick the iron that distributes steam uniformly throughout the surface.

Uniform steam will not leave spots on the clothes. Steam also reduces the risk of damaging clothes because of the overheating of the iron base.

Heavy Usage

You are going to buy iron for your shop which means you will use it for the whole day continuously. So, the iron must be so powerful to work throughout the day with ease. 

All the irons that we have recommended are very powerful and provide continuous heat and steam without malfunctioning for a long duration of time.


This applies to all the products that you purchase. Always check the warranty details and warranty period. The average warranty period for any iron is about 1 year.

Customer support

The product may stop working any time it does not happen every time but, if happens then the customer support of the company will help you. To check the customer support read the details on the website or go through the product reviews given by buyers.

The well-known brand always provides support and value to their customer. It is always recommended to go with a well-known brand.

Other specifications and protection system

Checking the protection system should be your first priority for every electrical product. Check the protection system for overheating and the electric shock of the iron. Don’t compromise on this for the sake of money.

Some other specifications like temperature control system, steam control system, indicators for changing temperature, water filtration system for steam, etc. All of these specifications are important.

Steam iron or dry iron for commercial use

The most important thing is the frequency of usage. And for commercial, you want it for the whole day. For this purpose, a steam iron is the best choice. It works fast and continuously. Due to the steam wrinkles on the clothes vanishes without any efforts.

The base plate of the dry iron is plain and flat that helps for smooth pressing. For steam iron, there are holes at the base for passing steam. These holes may be disturbing while working. But if you are professional then this will not bother you.

Steam iron is not applicable to all the types of clothes like dry iron. You can’t use steam iron for material like silk or satin. But by switching off the steam function you can use it as a dry iron on any material. The only problem is the holes on the base plate.

Pros and Cons of Dry Iron

Easy to clean and maintain.Don’t have extra features.
cheaper then steam irons.Not effective for de-wrinkling as the steam iron.
Can be iron on most of all the fabric material.
Don’t leave spots on clothes.

Pros and Cons of Steam Iron

Steam and spray option is available.Leave spots on the clothes.
Remove wrinkles quickly.consumes more energy.
Removes crease with ease.Don’t compatible with every type of fabric.

Both dry and steam iron have their own advantages and disadvantages. But for the laundry mates or tailor’s steam irons are best as per our studies. However, if you know how to use both effectively then you can choose as per your choice.


We are hoping that after reading the buying guide you are now very much aware of steam and dry irons. And how they are effective and efficient for heavy usage. Before making any purchasing decision again go through the pros and cons of all the irons listed above. And select as per your budget and requirements. 

Frequently asked Questions

1. Which soleplate coating is best for iron?

Ans: Stainless steel is always best for the soleplate. Because it is easy to clean and give smooth gliding while ironing the clothes. Ceramic coating is good to protect clothes from marks but they get damage easily after heavy use.

2. Can I use tap water for the water tank of the steam iron?

Ans: In tap water, there are several minerals left behind the water tank. And they can damage the container and clog the iron. And can leave the rust stains on the clothes. However, some brands provide the demineralizer system with a water tank. This system demineralized the water before sending it to the iron.

3. How to clean the bottom of the steam iron?

Ans. This is the most difficult work but maintaining the iron is important. Follow these steps to clean the bottom plate:

  1. Switched on the iron to the highest temperature then take a tablet named acetaminophen and press it using an iron with the area that is burnt. Tablet will turn into a gel and it will clean the burnt part. Repeat this procedure to every part of the soleplate that you want to clean.
  2. You can also clean it by using baking soda. Take two tablespoons of baking soda in one tablespoon of water and rub on the iron. Don’t push this paste into steam holes.
  3. If your iron-based is corroded, then you can use vinegar. Soak a piece of clothing in vinegar and put the iron soleplate on it and rest it for 30 minutes then just wipe out. All the corrosive parts look like a new one.
  4. For cleaning the steam holes, you can soak a cotton swab in vinegar and clean the steam holes.
  5. Another best method to clean the soleplate is just turn on the iron to the highest temperature and on the ironing table put a newspaper. And sprinkle a grain of salt on it and start ironing on it. It will clean the base of the iron. 

There are many more techniques to clean the base of the iron but these are some easy and effective techniques. Follow them as instructed.

4. How do I stop my iron from leaking brown water?

Ans: Your iron leaking brown water means you have to clean your water storage. You don’t have to worry about it this is not a big issue. Just fill your water container with vinegar and water with 1:1 proportion. And start the steam system of the iron it will clean the water tank and the leaking of brown water will stop immediately.

5. For the laundry shop which iron is best? steam iron or dry iron?

Ans: For laundry shop or any other place where the heavy usage of iron is required the steam iron is always preferable. It works efficiently and fasts for a longer duration of time.

6. How to clean gravity feed irons?

Ans: Gravity feed iron has different parts like water containers, pipe, iron base, etc. It is very important to clean each part very carefully because this is an electrical component (iron) and you have to handle it properly.

For cleaning the water container, you can use vinegar. For that fill it with water and vinegar equally and start the iron steam. The container with the pipe will clean automatically.

We have already covered all the easiest method to clean the iron bottom. You can vinegar here as well. Just soak a towel with vinegar put the iron base on it for half an hour and then wipe out with the same towel.

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