Best 54 Bags Sewing Ideas From Waste Old Clothes

Bags Sewing Ideas From Waste Clothes

Do you have old clothes which are not in use anymore and now you don’t know what to do with them?

Don’t worry, almost every home has those old un-used types of clothes which is why creative craft studio is here with some very unique creative ideas to re-use your old un-used clothes.

This step is not only recycle old cloth but also save our environment also. In year 2014, over 16 million tons of textile or cloth waste was generated and out of that 2.62 million tons were recycled, 3.14 million tons were combusted for energy recovery and 10.46 million tons were thrown on landfill, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

By recycling your old clothes, you are not only helping yourself but you are also giving your good part in making environment a waste free place (clean and green).

Coming back to the track, the most unique thing where you can re-use your old cloth is by making their cool trendy handbags. Anyone can easily try these homemade bags from old clothes.

Cloth handbags are surely a savior for today’s environmental conditions. As you can see, everywhere plastic bags are being used which are all very poisoners to the environment.

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So, using handbags made up clothes can be very advantageous:

  • Made up of unused old clothes.
  • Decrease environmental waste
  • Eco friendly
  • Attractive looks

Table of content

Steps How to make designer handbags out of old clothes:

  1. Take an old cloth, using a measuring tape, measure the length of 8cm and breadth of 24inch. Measure 7inch length, 8inch breadth for the rest of the 2 clothes.
  2. Using a chalk mark the middle of the clothes, place them exactly shown in the video and sew them.
  3. Put a mark on both right sleeves as shown in the video and cut it using a scissor do the same with the middle one.
  4. Fold the cloth and stitch it as you can see.
  5. Unfold the bag, now it’s time to make handles for the bag.
  6. Measure breadth of 2inch and stitch it from both sides shown in the video.
  7. Your attractive-looking handbag made up of old cloth is ready to be used.

Materials or tools use to make handbag from old clothes:

  • 2 pattern or color old waste clothes
  • Lining cloth
  • Foam cloth
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissor
  • Tailor Chalk
  • Measuring Tape

Below you can see 53 creative ways to reuse old clothes as different types of DIY bag, handbag, pouch, purse, backpack, shopping bag, tote bag and more, which you can easily try at your home only.

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Sewing and stitching zipper bag or pouch

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