Sew multi-utility bag to store small item at home

Sewing can be difficult and enjoyable at the same time.

No one likes their small stuff like makeup kit, travel kit or other small items to get spread here and there as there is no dedicated space to arrange or put them. But today, we are here for your solution.

You can easily sew multi-utility/ purpose bags to store small items at home.

You will be surely amazed to know that you can use your leftover old cloths (fabric) to sew this kind of multi-utility bag which means you can solve a couple of your problems (like what to do with old clothes and where to store small items) by following our simple steps to sew multi-utility bags out of old clothes at home.

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How to sew multi-utility storage bag

Do you need a high-end professional machine to sew such bags?

Absolutely NO, you don’t need to invest in high-end professional sewing machines. As a beginner, you can just use your basic type sewing machine with minimal functions.

Is sewing hard and requires great skills?

Yes, at first sometimes it seems to be a hard job for some people but once you get used to it you’ll surely start enjoying the process.

While working on your sewing machine you will get to know the capabilities of your machine by exploring various functions.

You must have to get encountered with the phrase: “skills come with practice” it is as simple as that, the more you practice the more your skills get refined.

Many of the people chose sewing as their profession and though making money from it only, which shows how exciting sewing job can be.

From where to start sewing?

Stitching bags are perfect for beginners, it does not require professional skills and yet stitching a bag can make you explore your skills and multi-functions of your machine.

Stitching a bag can be very advantageous to you. Not only in terms to refine your skills but to store small things in your bag itself.

Advantages of sewing multi-utility bag are as follow:

  1. You get to learn a new productive skill. (sewing)
  2. Improves your ideas. (more creative)
  3. You get an attractive homemade bag.
  4. No old waste cloths (re-usable).
  5. You can store items in it (which makes your home look clean and tidy).
  6. Good for the environment. (you can use these bags made up of old clothes instead of those dangerous plastic bags which are poisons to the environment)

✂ Materials you need to make this multi-utility storage bag:

  • Pattern cotton cloth
  • Plastic sheet or rice plastic bag
  • Liner cloth
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle

Easy steps to sew multi-utility bag at home are as follow:

1-      Choose the right fabric for making the bag

Choosing appropriate cloth (fabric) is not only the first thing but also choosing the correct fabric for a bag is the most important thing.

In order to choose the right fabric, you need to know that on what type of fabric your sewing machine can work smoothly.

Otherwise, it can damage your sewing machine. So, first, check the configuration of the sewing machine and then choose the right fabric to work on.

2-      Cut out the cloth

Secondly with the help of the scissor, cut the fabric in the same design as shown in the photo with (25.5*29) dimensions.

3-      Prepare storage area

Now you need to fold the cloth as directed and make a pocket-like area for the bag.

4-      Sew the pockets

Using your sewing machine or needle + thread, sew the pockets as directed.

5-      Sew Zip in bag

In order to make a seal-proof bag, attach a zipper by sewing it to the lid of the bag.

6-      Make and attach handle to the bag

Cut out extra cloth and measure it according to the size of the bag. Attach the handle to the bag by sewing it.

Congrats your multi-utility bag is ready to be used.

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