5 Best Cordless Irons of 2023

Cordless Iron

Our good old and traditional iron has evolved over time to fall into several categories including that of the cordless iron. This development responds to the desire and the need to find the means to improve as much as possible the characteristics of irons in order to make them more practical. The cordless iron offers … Read more

12 Best Plastic Cross Stitch Canvas Sheet for Beautiful Craft

Cross Stitch Art Design

We can make thousands for craft from these plastic cross stitch sheet. For example doormats, tablemats, floormats, wall hangings, purse, bags, toys, any many more types of products or craft we can make at home. What is Cross-Stitch art ? Cross-stitch art is a basic style of stitching/embroidery. It also knows as count-thread embroidery where … Read more

Best Laser Scissors for cutting clothes

what is laser scissor

If you are from the sewing industry or using sewing machines regularly then you know that you required various tools to complete your tasks. You required scissors every time for cutting clothes. It is the most used tool for sewing tasks. But have you used laser scissors? some of you might be aware of it. … Read more

How to make a face mask

How to make a face mask

Wearing a simple cloth mask can reduce the risk of cough, flu infections or the new coronavirus. It is the best step through which you can save your and other people’s life. Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to create or sew this very simple face mask from scratch or starting at your home. How to … Read more

7 Best mini Sewing Machines for home 2021

best mini sewing machine

Ultimate list of best 7 mini sewing machines available in India. Most of them are taken up for consideration. As the mini sewing machine’s are light weight, extension table, small in size and portable. The sewing machines are light weight and very small which makes them easily portable as kids can lift them from one … Read more

20 Best Sewing Machines in India for 2021

Best Sewing Machines In India

If you want to shop new sewing machine for your home tailoring. We share some of the best sewing machines from brands like USHA, Singer, Brother, and more. It is really amazing to see hundreds of models of sewing machines in the market. They all seem to have the most attractive appearance and features. This … Read more