12 Best Plastic Cross Stitch Canvas Sheet for Beautiful Craft

We can make thousands for craft from these plastic cross stitch sheet. For example doormats, tablemats, floormats, wall hangings, purse, bags, toys, any many more types of products or craft we can make at home.

What is Cross-Stitch art ?

Cross-stitch art is a basic style of stitching/embroidery. It also knows as count-thread embroidery where an embroiderer count row and colums (each direction) and then after she insert needle in fabrics or any sheet (plastic net sheet) and make pattern or design.

Cross-stitch art work is one of the oldest form of embroidery. This type of art work found approx. every part of world. It was comes front of world since the middle age.

In early time Cross-stitch art work was use by young girls to learn how to stitch or they makes some patterns or alphabets by thread.

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Satyam Kraft Cross Stitch Canvas Sheet for Sewing/Embroidery (12×10 inch) 6 Pieces

Asian Hobby Crafts Plastic Cross Stitch Canvas Sheet 6 Count (Red)

Asian Hobby Crafts Plastic Cross Stitch Canvas Sheet 6 Count (Mustard)

Asian Hobby Crafts Plastic Cross Stitch Canvas Sheet 6 Count (Yellow)

We have listed 12 videos on this plastic canvas sheet design, all links are given below.

Video tutorial of Plastic Cross Stitch Canvas craft or Plastic net sheet

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