NDTV and USHA Kushalta Ke Kadam

NDTV USHA Kushalta Ke Kadam
Source: NDTV

The short documentaries named Kushalta Ke Kadam‘ on NDTV channels may have been recently seen by you which is promoting the remarkable program named ‘Silai School program’.

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Goal of Kushalta Ke Kadam

The goal of Kushalta Ke Kadam, initiated by NDTV and USHA, is to engage ladies from country India and urge them to become entrepreneurs by sewing clothes and preparing others in their particular networks.

Under the uncommon circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown have brought to the country, the new season pays tribute to Silai Heroes. They not only assist their families with supporting them in difficult times, yet additionally give their students with abilities and motivation to acquire a business.

Season 4 also ventured into the Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep, and Sunderbans and strengthened initiatives outside the mainland.

NDTV Usha Kushalta Ke Kadam Season 5 celebrates the success of Silai Schools and the ability of Silai Heroes. Kushalta Ke Kadam in season 5 is back with new objectives and visions. The new season will witness the foundation of partnerships with institutions, corporations, and governments.

In this new season, in addition to learning how to sew, the center is likewise to induce entrepreneurship ways in the rural areas. The emphasis this year is to surpass the skills and independence of ladies.

Season 5 is an extension to last year which witnessed a new cluster established in Kashmir, in addition to the current four cluster setup in 2018. The lady from the volatile Kashmir worked with Rohit Bal, a well-known fashion designer, and got an interesting opportunity to learn from him and make clothes for him.

Usha Silai Campaign has trained more than 5 lakh rural women within 10 years, with over 23,000 Silai schools, spanning over 12,858 villages across India. The work done by Silai School ladies was introduced at Lakme Fashion Week 2019.

Women’s income from this “USHA Kushalta ke Kadam” campaign can promote self-confidence and reduce gender inequality. It also improves their status in the family and society as a whole.

On average, women earn Rs. 3,000 per month, with wages going up to Rs. 18,000 per month.

After satisfying the following rules, an NGO will be selected as part of the Usha Silai program:

  • The NGO should not have any political connections or hints, and should generally be of a secular nature.
  • NGOs should have effective audit accounts with all necessary audit systems.
  • The NGO should have been active for at least 5 years.
  • According to the Societies Registration Act/Under Section 25 of the Companies Act., NGOs should be registered organizations.
  • NGOs should establish good relations with the community.
  • Non-governmental organizations should make progress plans in districts where schools will be established or in the neighboring districts.

Silai schools also have Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. In this initiative, 1% of every sewing machine sold contributes to the empowerment of women.

The working principle of the program is very simple

  • Teach women how to stitch and sew using a sewing machine, and how to make small repairs to the machine.
  • She will then receive a syllabus containing text in the local language, a sewing machine, and a certificate, as well as marketing tools for conducting business from home.
  • In addition to accepting tailor orders, she will also teach other women.
  • Over time, this small startup can help her earn about 2500-3000 rupees a month.
  • Those who are trained under her guidance can in turn establish their own Silai school.

Choosing the entrepreneur

The woman who chose to operate the Silai school should be local residents of the village and someone respected by the locals. Ideally, women should be married and have a certain level of literacy and know the basic numbers required for sewing (for example, measurements). A person who understands the basics of using a sewing machine and has sewing skills will be an ideal choice. In addition, she should be confident to teach other ladies.

Source: NDTV

Let us know about some Women Entrepreneurs

In our list of Entrepreneur ladies, we will first talk about Preeti Kushwaha. She is from the Mustafabad village in Unnao. She had to give up school when she was very young. Although she still regrets dropping out, with the help of USHA Silai School, she overcame financial difficulties.

Now, she is earning more than Rs. 20,000  per month along with that she helps other women in her village.

After the inspiring story of Preeti Kushwaha, let’s know the entrepreneur story of  Sunita Devi Kumavat. She lives in Bagru Jaipur and opened the USHA Silai School in 2016 after receiving training from Usha International’s Silai School Program.

Through her perseverance and high-quality work, Sunita got the opportunity to join the USHA Silai Label team. At Lakme Fashion Week 2018, she had the opportunity to showcase her work.

Training and starting sessions

The selected village ladies will receive a one-week training. Then, she will be provided with a starter kit. This includes:

  • A non-electric Usha sewing machine operated by hands and feet.
  • Sewing and stitching courses are listed in her native language.
  • Basic training materials.
  • Service manual for maintaining and repairing the machine in case of problems.
  • Certificate of completion of the training course.
  • Prominent signage indicates the existence of Usha Silai School.

Would you like to become a member of “USHA Kushalta Ke Kadam” to improve the lives of the majority of rural women?

Now, you can contribute to the opening of the Usha Silai School with the click of a button or assist with all other aspects of the school.

In order to set up the USHA Silai School, you need to denote Rs 17000. This money will be used to establish and operate a Usha Silai school in a rural area, including all the costs of training a woman for 7 days.

The lady will also receive a starter kit that includes a pedal Usha sewing machine, training materials, service manuals, vernacular sewing and stitching curriculum as well as a certificate and Usha Silai school logo.

Sponsors are encouraged to donate directly to NGOs that will contribute to the process in order to provide greater transparency in the donation process.

Our Words on Kushalta Ke Kadam

This initiative began with the goal of spreading the learning and training culture to help women in the community achieve daily income. For women living in low-income rural areas, the program is creating opportunities to earn a living, which has not been available before.

As we know, expertise needs to be passed on to others to help them gain their livelihood on their own in order to support more and more individuals. And livelihood is also a skill, so must be passed to others.

The idea is to create a group of senior trainers who can further train others how to tailor and sew. This is not only an attempt to create a means of earning a good living but also a long-term economic opportunity.

And this “USHA Kushalta Ke Kadam” program improves women’s status in post-liberation India, which often left them behind.

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