Sew home appliances cover at home

Sew home appliances cover

It is big problem for us to keep our Home Appliances safe when they are not in use.

We at least try to cover them.

But it is not an easy to buy all types of cover from market. Some time we not get proper fitting cover for our appliances.

But we not keep them open or without cover. As these appliances are expensive.

Here is the solution of your problem. We share a detail video tutorial of all the Home Appliances covers.

Cover design for your home appliances such as Mixer grinder, Refrigerator, Washing machine and Microwave oven. There are the basic appliances one have in their house.

It is very easy to Sew home appliances at home. For this you required a sewing machine and some sewing tools like scissors, thread, mearing tape, thread cutter, etc.

Let’s start from Microwave oven cover and then other appliances cover.

1. How to sew a Microwave Oven Cover

sew a Microwave Oven Cover

2. Refrigerator cover design

sew Refrigerator cover design

3. Very easily make mixer grinder cover at home

sew mixer grinder cover at home

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